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American Afghans Refugee Services at a Glance


The first steps for new Afghan Americans can be a daunting process. From housing, clothing, food and discretionary spending, we help incoming Refugee’s with the first steps in these processes.

Ensure family/individual is picked up at the airport upon arrival with adequate language interpretation.

We provide a food allowance where necessary and home cooked Afghan-American meals that are ready to eat and help in the cultural transition. Part of this transition period is helping families and individuals qualify for benefits where necessary in their home country until they are able to provide for themselves.

We help incoming Afghans secure appropriate seasonal clothing required for work, school, and everyday use as required for all members of the family, including proper footwear for each member of the family, and diapers for children as necessary.

Ensure family/individual has housing that is safe, decent, and sanitary and meets Cooperative Agreement standards. Temporary housing acceptable.

Ensure family/individual has all furniture and household items detailed in Cooperative Agreement (i.e., IRC Supply List).

Provide an appropriate amount of pocket money for each case member throughout the first 30 days to allow independent spending at the client’s discretion.

Verify family/individuals documentation and discuss IRC/client’s roles and responsibilities.


Upon completion of their first steps, newly arriving Afghan Partners and Refugee’s face the daunting task of navigating their host countries civic, medical and professional processes. Our orientation process helps prospective Afghan-Americans navigate benefits programs, legal registrations and the job market.

Provide cultural orientation on the 15 required orientation topics outlined in the Cooperative Agreement, with appropriate interpretation; and assess refugee’s understanding of orientation topics.

Assist men between ages of 18 through 25 years to register with the Selective Service System.

Assist to apply for a Social Security card.

Assist to apply for cash assistance programs (e.g., TANF, RCA, MG), as appropriate.

Assist to apply for medical assistance (e.g. Medicaid), as appropriate.

Assist to apply for SNAP, as appropriate.

Assist with meeting school enrollment requirements and registering school-aged children for school.

Assist to enroll in English language programs.

Assist to enroll in employment services, as appropriate.

Other Services

Assist to enroll in other services for which each refugee is eligible, as appropriate. Typically these services include SSI, WIC, LIHEAP.

Provide cultural orientation on the 15 required orientation topics outlined in the Cooperative Agreement, with appropriate interpretation; and assess refugee’s understanding of orientation topics.

Next calendar day

Conduct at least two home visits to assess family/individual’s welfare, living conditions and any current or expected needs of the clients, and assistance with any basic needs.

Within 90 calendar days

If a family/individual moves within the R&P Period, conduct an additional home visit to the permanent housing.

Assist to obtain health screenings and immunizations.


A major portion of the UAAC donation fund is set aside for helping Afghan Americans recognize their academic potential. Many refugee’s need supplemental programs and transition classes on their journey to academic success. We help these individuals at all levels of the process. Whether entering the American school system for the first time as primary-age school student, or as and adult interfacing with American culture for the first time, we can help.


Transitioning into the American economic business model is not an easy task for new Afghan-Americans. We help navigate banking, debit/checking, bill pay, the job market, savings and transitioning traditional Afghan business’s and models into profitable American ventures.

Medical Care

Incoming Afghan-American refugee’s face a variety of medical challenges. Often from poor socio-economic backgrounds and without access to adequate health care services many of these people will require significant care once they reach the United States. The UAAC Refugee fund helps cover medical expenses, provides translators for patients and reliable transportation to and from doctor appointments.