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How to help Afghan refugees in Utah

After the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s overthrow of the Afghan Government on August 15, Afghanistan’s humanitarian and refugee crisis unfolded to the worst of its kind. The United States led multinational airlift from Kabul airport, evacuating nearly 125000 people. These evacuees mainly included people who worked alongside the US and its Allies for years. Still, thousands of others, including Afghans from different civil groups, such as former Afghan government employees, Human rights activists, journalists, members of ethnic and religious minority groups who feared for their lives under the Taliban regime, fled the country and sought asylum in neighboring countries.

According to the UNHCR report, more than a hundred thousand Afghan refugees have already fled the country since the Taliban takeover. The UNHR Supplementary report also suggests that half a million Afghan refugees are expected to flee in neighboring countries in the worst-case scenario.

In the aftermath of the US Airlift from Kabul and given the upheaval situation of Afghanistan and extraordinary numbers of Afghan displaced, the US and many other countries later announced to resettle the Afghan refugees in their countries through different resettlement programs.

With the Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) already in place for Afghans who worked with the US Government and Army, The US Government announced additional resettlement programs, including Priority 2, and Humanitarian parole, to accept as many Afghan refugees as possible. The US government designated 19 cities to resettle these Afghan refugees, including Salt Lake City UTAH.

UTAH’s Governor Spencer Cox showed full support to UTAH’s commitment to Afghan refugees and announced Afghan Community Fund to help Afghan Refugees resettle in UTAH. Source

In response to Gov Cox and UTHANS willingness to resettle these Afghan refugee’s, several agencies, including UAAC (United Afghan-American Coalition), have joined the efforts to help Salt Lake City in the resettlement process.

UAAC, as a secular, non-political and non-profit community organization alongside its partners and respected UTAH Salt Lake community, has successfully been running a resettlement program to help our Afghan families resettle in UTAH.

With the help of our donors and allies at Salt Lake City UTAH, UAAC has raised $450000 in financial aid and evacuated 550 afghan refugees so far.

Due to the influx of Afghan refugees in the United States, we are dedicated to working with our Afghan-American community in Salt Lake City. We plan to expand the resettlement program, so together, we welcome as many Afghan refugees as possible in our home UTAH.

We need your help with this.

Attend UAAC Orientation and become our volunteer in UAAC different volunteer programs;


Become our volunteer driver to pick up and welcome the arriving families from the airport.

Help refugees by transporting them to UAAC orientation and other events.

Mentorship Program:

Become our volunteer in our mentorship program to build community integration with the incoming refugee families in UTAH. Visit different places with them such as museums, parks, and restaurants to help them adjust to life in the United States.

Additionally, provide companionship and general acculturation to the Afghan refugee families and help them adapt to life in the community.


Become our volunteer interpreter to assist Afghan refugee families with appointments with their case manager, medical adviser, etc.

You can also help the Afghan refugees with their document translation.

ESL Teacher:

Become our volunteer to teach the Basic English language and help Afghan refugee families resettle in the community.

Legal Advocacy:

Become our volunteer legal adviser to help Afghan refugee families with their cases, including residency and citizenship.

Raise Awareness:

Become our volunteer to raise awareness through different online and offline platforms about the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and its implications for incoming Afghan refugee families.

Arrange Fundraisers for UAAC:

Become our volunteer to help raise funds for Afghan refugees on your birthdays and other events.


Donate to UAAC different programs;

Provide for the education: Donate to UAAC to help the Afghan refugees continue their education in UTAH. Your donation can help provide educational and developmental opportunities to Children and Youth.

UAAC Educational program also includes partial and long-term funding of these students to help them achieve their academic goals.

Provide Residence: The biggest challenge for the new afghan families remains housing. You can provide temporary or permanent residence to these families through UAAC and make them feel at home in their new community. You can also donate to UAAC refugee funds to host these families staying with Airbnb UTAH.

Provide Financial Support: Donate to the UAAC refugee funds to provide basic necessities to these Afghan families. UAAC can also arrange economic orientations to teach financial literacy and small business development to Afghan Refugee Families.

Provide Medical Support: You can help the Afghan refugees with their medical expenses through the UAAC refugee fund. Since these refugees face various medical challenges, including trauma and illness, many will require significant medical care upon arrival in the United States.

The UAAC refugee fund will cover their medical expenses, translators for patients, transportation to and from doctor appointments.

Provide new or gently used items: Donate your new or gently used items such as clothing, household items, furniture, baby supplies, etc., to these Afghan families through the UAAC donation center.

Your engagement with UAAC will help the incoming afghan families integrate into their new community and access the family-sustaining resources needed to succeed.

Please Visit UAAC to donate or become a volunteer to help us provide the resources.