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Our Mission

United Afghan-American Coalition (UAAC)

Established in August 2021, the United Afghan-American Coalition aims to help Afghan Partners and Allies safely navigate the Refugee process as they find new lives and homes in the United States and abroad.

We are a community of Afghan American Families and Partners based in the Salt Lake City, Utah area actively working to bridge the gap between the processes here at home and the families/individuals abroad that need it the most. We strive to help as many people as possible find safety and security outside Taliban ruled Afghanistan.

Our vision is to empower Afghan voices both in the United States and Afghanistan. We envision a world where Afghan Refugee voices are heard and their dreams become a reality.


Who We Are

United Afghan-American Coalition (UAAC)

United Afghan-American Coalition (UAAC) is a secular, non-political and non-profit community organization. We are dedicated to strengthening Afghan-American families and provide multi-sector relief. Our mission is to advocate in advancing the interests of Afghan-American Communities through education, outreach, and promote civic and social engagement.

This mission is pursued through sustained engagement in the following areas.

Our Goals

  • Provide path ways for Afghan partners entering their choice of host country, especially in the United States, to become heathy happy and productive members of their respective communities.
  • Ensure every Afghan Partner is educated to adequate productive standards and can foster a career path with the skills and tool sets they pick up along the way.
  • Help strong Afghan families and Individuals use their cultural identities to become strong members of their respective Host Country and Communities.
  • Help a variety of Refugees including Allies, Green Card Holders, Asylum seekers and more relocate and find safe havens from the Taliban.
  • Provide pathways of hope for disenfranchised groups within Afghanistan, especially women and children.
  • Fostering on-going commitment to civic and political engagement to ensure that Afghan-American communities are participating in democratic process: supporting advocacy directed towards policymakers at the local, state and federal levels.
  • Providing resources for Professional Development by fostering opportunities for learning, and networking.
  • Build Partnership and coalitions with other local organizations to provide assistance to growing communities.